Proposal for a New National Museum

A World Class Tourism Proposition

Maximising the Potential of Dublin’s most Prominent Building

A New Cultural Destination.

A Meeting Place for Future Generations

Imagining a new purpose for the Custom House. An Adaptive Reuse Proposal from 2018 inspired by visits to the British Museum and Singapore National Art Gallery. Suggestion that the Collection of the National Museum of Ireland (Archaeology etc) be relocated to a building of International Standing situated in a more prominent Public Setting.

The Proposition is for a major Architectural Intervention involving substantial re-imagining of the Custom House courtyard spaces & their enclosure by a bespoke glazed roof structure. A new Riverfront Plaza , Classical Gardens and a Feature Walkway are also proposed.





Sq. M


Courtyards : Diagrammatic Section

Roof Structure is Indicative

Early Sketch Concept

Should the Internal Courtyards be completely reimagined ?

When considering the Architecture of the Custom House, it is the South Facade, Dome and Peripheral Wings that come to mind. The present day Courtyards however would benefit from significant enhancements to internal facades comprising Classical Fenestration ie. Arches, Pediments etc.

Going even further – should there be a radical re-imagining of the Courtyard configuration ?. An entirely new Central Feature, would for example be possible, enveloped by a curved Classical Colonnade and a Rooftop Gallery space with expansive views of the Custom House Dome.

Site Plan with Courtyard reconfiguration, Circular Walkway & Classical Garden .

Internal Courtyard entirely re-imagined with alterations to Central Wings.

New Classical Colonnade with Gallery + Rooftop Dining space over.

Enhanced Classical Fenestration to entire Internal Courtyard surrounds.

Expansive Ground Floor Public Space with full views of Roof Structure.

Without Bridge Link
Single Bridge Link
Dual Bridge Link

Sketch looking West.

New Plaza, Classical Gardens , Circular Walkway, New Bridge. Liberty Hall Indicative


Indicative Circulation Plan

Dealing with Visitor Numbers in a Major Museum scenario

  • Existing South / North Entrances not suitable for filtering Large numbers
  • East or West Entrances inappropriate given prominence of South Facade
  • Entry from South under Building would detract from South Entrance ?
  • Above ground Glazed Entrance would obstruct North Facade ?
  • Most suitable option therefore is under & up into Building like Louvre
  • Descent into Contemporary Entrance Hall deals with Visitor traffic
  • Entrance Hall includes Cloakrooms / Security checks / Tickets / Wc.s
  • Direct Visitors from Hall into ‘Great Court’ Space by going under North Facade
  • Main Entrances retained for Special Events with limited numbers
  • Circulation from Central Space into Wings ( may require new Opes )
  • Exits via East and West onto Walkway- Infill Glazing to Existing Opes in Facades
  • Circulation around Building via Riverfront Plaza + ‘Torc’ shaped Walkway

Proposal Backround

An Adaptive Reuse Proposal originated in 2018 for the Custom House, Dublin, by Darragh Murphy.


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